Meet the Team


Family man with all the love for his 3 year old boy Benji (the Paramount apprentice) and his wife Sarah. Massive football lover both playing and watching, any level!

A little bit slow on the computer with his old age but he’s “only” been presenting Paramount since day dot. Still quicker than Natti mind.

Favourite random fact: If there are 23 random people in a room there is a 50% chance 2 of them will share a birthday! Work that out


French Bulldog and Real Madrid enthusiast, loves telling people he’s a pescitarian, failed amateur footballer and is constantly dreaming of his holiday to Turks and Caicos.

Started Paramount with Stu back in April 2021, you can catch him in the midweek and every Sunday presenting our draws. Give him a minute, he can’t mulitask but God loves a tryer.

Favourite Quote: “Be the energy you want to attract”


Graphic Designer, pug addict, mathematical problem solver and lover of early mornings yet never wakes up before lunchtime.

David was the face of competitor competition website Graffle Club (RIP) before joining Paramount Prizes in October 2021 on a mission to make lots of pretty pictures and help bring Paramount to the next level in bringing you all life-changing prizes to win for a fraction of the cost!

A true mystery, rarely seen in the flesh, you can find him during the live draws in the chat, attempting to hype you all up and push for some great new prize suggestions!

Favourite random fact: 99×99=9801


Welcome to the world of paramount prizes

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